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Agile testing: Agile Profile® Development

Today, we all face the VUCA challenge – living and working in a world that is Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous. It is impossible to work the same way as we used to. We must learn to move together, with a shared sense of purpose, acting at the right time and with the resources available at the time. Organizational agility is about the ability to “act together,” using the capacity for anticipation, collaboration, and innovation.

Agile Profile Development (AP®D) is an innovative tool designed to measure and develop the behavioral agility of employees and teams. It is not another personality test, but an insight into the human ability to act agilely together. AP®D is a tool that supports the development of employees and teams in:

  • creating relationships based on a shared sense of meaning;
  • ensuring that processes relevant to the outcome flow smoothly;
  • accurately adapting to change without being fully informed;
  • anticipating the consequences of their actions and choosing the most advantageous scenarios;
  • innovating on an ongoing basis where there is a measurable benefit;
  • engaging others in a common purpose; and building accountability for the outcome, not the activity.

Pursued objectives

  • Raising awareness among employees and teams of their ability to use the three attitudes that translate into agile performance: anticipation, collaboration and innovation.
  • Analysis of the current, individual way of working of an employee or a team (agile assessment) in relation to the needs of the business context – identification of strengths and trouble spots.
  • Identifying the critical factors affecting agile performance within or across teams.
  • Identifying the elements that support the creation of an agile environment, not only at the level of processes and methodologies, but also of attitudes of employees – planning development activities.

What can we do for you?

  • We will prepare an introduction workshop on behavioral agility that will increase the effectiveness of AP®D implementation in your organization.
  • We will provide a package of materials necessary to launch the survey and generate reports, and agree on the mode and convenient dates of qualitative summaries.
  • We will determine the agility profile of employees or teams and discuss the results during individual / team meetings with a certified AP® coach.
  • We will plan and conduct development meetings for employees or teams using the obtained AP®D results (individual coaching, workshops or team coaching).
  • We will train managers on how to support employees in developing an agile work culture.

How can you benfit from cooperating with us?

  • You will learn about the surveyed people’s attitude to agile thinking and acting, and creating an agile culture in the organization – you will perform a multidimensional diagnosis of behavioral agility of employees or teams.
  • You will support the implementation of agile methodologies in the organization by building agile teams.
  • You will broaden the employees’ awareness of their readiness for agile action, which translates into company success.
  • You will plan and implement development activities based on an analysis of strengths and areas in need of support.
  • You will develop employees’ agility – you will help them understand the business environment and stakeholders’ needs relating to cooperation, anticipation and innovation.

What makes us unique?

  • We give you the opportunity to use a unique tool in Europe and in Poland – measuring the behavioural agility of employees, teams and organizations.
  • Workshops, debriefing and development interviews are conducted by a certified AP®D coach (one of the few and the first one in Poland).
  • We conduct the Agile Profile® Development study as an independent service or integrated with other services we provide.
  • We offer the possibility to conduct the Agile Profile® Development study in both individual and group format.
  • Drawing on 17 years of experience in employee testing we will advise you not only on how to use the new screening tool, but also how to optimize your current processes in accordance with the methodology supporting the development of an agile organization.