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Agile testing: Agile Profile® Inventory

A modern and unique tool supporting the recruitment and selection process. It will prove useful in organizations which use agile project methodologies or want to effectively conduct business in a changing and unpredictable environment. It can also serve as a “picture” of organizational culture.

In the turbulent world of business, the effectiveness of an organization depends on the ability of its employees to cooperate and take actions accordingly to the changing reality. It turns out that the most effective people are not those with the best education, the broadest experience or the ideal personality profile. The research conducted by the creators of the tool proves that the effectiveness of employees is strongly related to their ability to accurately integrate their actions with the dynamic context of everyday work. API allows us to assess the way a person interacts with other people and the entire organizational system. Whether they prefer to function in a regulated or adaptive style.

By using that tool we can determine the preference of the surveyed person to function in a specific environment: agile or structured. As a result of the survey, we obtain a profile of an employee, which we can compare with the profile expected in the organization or in the team.

Pursued objectives

In a recruitment context:

  • Analysis of environmental and organizational requirements for a role/position.
  • Identification of employees’ propensity to “work together” in a structured or agile way.
  • Analysis of employee preferences and comparison of the employee profile with the profile expected in the organization.
  • Selecting employees based on the desired capacity for the position – to create change or structure.
  • Supporting organizations that consciously implement humanistic and agile management styles.

In a consulting context:

  • Diagnosis of the organization, department, team in terms of agile maturity.
  • Developing a strategy for implementing an agile culture and fostering agile attitudes in employees.

What can we do for you?

  • We will prepare an introduction workshop on behavioral agility that will increase the effectiveness of AP®I implementation in your organization.
  • We will work with you to develop the profile expected for roles or positions in your organization.
  • We will provide you with a package of materials necessary to launch the survey and generate reports, and we will agree on the mode and convenient dates for qualitative summaries.
  • We will conduct the survey using the unique AP®I tool.
  • During the selection or recruitment process, we will analyze candidates’ reports with you, prepare conclusions, and, if necessary, participate in calibration meetings.
  • In a consulting context – we will show you the picture of agile maturity of your company and suggest actions supporting its implementation.

 How can you benefit from cooperating with us?

  • Using the API for selection and recruitment processes, you will learn candidates’ attitudes towards working in an agile or regulated environment.
  • You will make HR decisions based on an objective, standardized tool for behavioral agility assessment.
  • You will increase the accuracy of selection and recruitment decisions – you will maximize the chances for rapid integration of the new employee into the environment, manager or team.
  • In a consulting context – you will get a “picture” of the way your organization, team, department works. You will learn about the “agile” maturity of the company and how employees use agile behaviors necessary to create an effective organization.
  • You will support the implementation of agile methodologies in the organization by building agile teams.
  • You will build the company’s image as an employer creating a work culture based on the latest trends.

What makes us unique?

  • We are a provider of a unique tool in Europe and Poland – measuring employee preferences for working in an agile or regulated environment.
  • Recruitment and consulting projects are conducted by Certified Coach AP®I (one of the few and the first in Poland).
  • We conduct the Agile Profile® Inventory study as an independent service or integrated with other services we provide.
  • We offer the possibility of conducting the API study both in individual and group format.
  • Drawing on 17 years of experience in employee testing, we will advise you not only on how to use the new measuring tool, but also how to optimize your current processes in accordance with the methodology supporting the development of an agile organization.