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Assessment / Development ONLINE

Our Assessment | Development ONLINE processes are conducted in such a way so as to ensure full comfort of the Participant and to maintain high quality of the assessment. The processes are carried out using all types of simulation tasks, including group discussions. During the session, participants are observed and assessed by experienced assessors who provide the necessary factual information and watch over subsequent stages of the session, smoothly leading the assessed persons through the activities assigned to them. The person in charge of logistics, on the other hand, provides support and comfort of work on the online platform designed for the process.

What can we do for you?

  • We will define key competencies and their behavioral indicators according to the expected profile.
  • We can select any type of simulation of individual or group interviews.
  • We guarantee participation of experienced and professional Assessors.
  • We will plan and carry out the Assessment Development ONLINE session in individual or group format.
  • We conduct remote feedback meetings for each participant.
  • We will analyze results of the whole group and give our recruitment or development recommendations.
  • Zdefiniujemy kluczowe kompetencje i ich wskaźniki behawioralne zgodnie z oczekiwanym profilem
  • Dobierzemy każdego rodzaju symulacje rozmów indywidualnych lub grupowych
  • Zagwarantujemy udział doświadczonych i profesjonalnych Asesorów
  • W pełni zdalnie zaplanujemy i zrealizujemy sesję Assessment Development ONLINE w formule indywidualnej lub grupowej
  • Przeprowadzimy zdalne spotkania z informacją zwrotną dla każdego Uczestnika
  • Przeanalizujemy wyniki całej grupy, udzielimy naszych rekomendacji rekrutacyjnych lub rozwojowych

What will you gain?

  • You will increase the accuracy of recruitment and HR decisions based on an objective, remote competence assessment.
  • Plan the development of employees, taking into account both their needs and the expectations of the organization.
  • Optimize the costs of ADC projects – no costs of logistics (travel, accommodation, room rental, catering).
  • Save valuable time, being able to involve a large number of participants in the evaluation process at one time.
  • Provide full comfort to the participants of the process while maintaining high quality of evaluation.
  • Build the image of your company as a modern and flexible employer who cares about the development of employees.

What makes us unique?

  • We work with a team of experienced Assessors (over 20 professionals). We operate according to internal standards and procedures concerning recruitment, preparation and verification of assessors’ competences, organisation of sessions, substantive content and appearance of materials, verification of the quality of reports prepared, etc.
  • We operate in accordance with the principles of ethics – we are open and honest towards people participating in our sessions. We make every effort to ensure that the atmosphere of the sessions is conducive to revealing the potential of the Participants.
  • We prepare assessment processes according to our own or our client’s methodology (competency model and profiles, assessment matrix). We create new simulation tasks depending on the projects’ needs. We prepare individual reports adjusting them to different expectations concerning the scope and manner of data presentation.
  • We do not offer ready-made solutions. When preparing assessment sessions we, develop solutions tailored individually to the goals and expectations of our clients. We are constantly developing our skills in order to respond to unusual project conditions.