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Competence model / profile

Professionally designed competency model includes a portfolio of competencies along with definitions, a set of behavioral indicators and a scale for their assessment. This tool makes it possible to access key competencies of employees/candidates according to a standardized scale and to plan detailed development activities.

Pursued objectives

  • All areas of HR policy are linked into one intuitive system based on competencies.
  • Increased effectiveness of achieving business objectives through appropriate, consistent personal policies.

What can we do for you?

  • We will support your company in the process of developing a competency model that is consistent with your company’s strategy, mission and values.
  • We will help you to involve in the process the key people in your company – the management board and key managers.
  • We will analyze the competency model functioning in your company, give our recommendations and suggest necessary changes in response to your needs and expectations.
  • We will prepare a catalogue of company competencies containing definitions and indicators, enabling the model to be implemented in the organization.
  • We will help you to prepare competency profiles for all or selected (key) positions in your company.
  • We will prepare tools for monitoring, assessing and developing competencies (periodic evaluation system, recruitment procedures for key positions, competence assessment tools, 360 assessment system).
  • We will advise on how to communicate the entire process to your employees.
  • We will design and conduct workshops to demonstrate the new competency model, rules of implementation or use of created assessment tools.

How can you benefit from cooperating with us?

  • Professionally designed, adequate competence model based on proven methodology.
  • A ready-to-use description of competence requirements for all/selected positions, which can be used as a reference point in development activities or in the process of assessing, recruiting and selecting candidates.
  • Competency profiles may become an element of a common corporate language in your organization – the employees begin to think and talk about their expectations using the language of competencies.
  • Properly created model can be a platform for direct cooperation between HR Department and line managers.

What makes us unique?

  • We have years of experience in creating and using different types of competency models and scales of assessment (additive, open, linear models).
  • We know the strengths and challenges associated with different methodological approaches.
  • We build models tailored to the specific needs of the organization and planned processes related to managing competencies in a team of employees (assessment and development processes).
  • We formulate definitions and indicators of competencies from scratch or we use our own catalogues/provided guidelines and source materials.
  • We create solutions in cooperation with HR departments and/or with involvement of selected business representatives.
  • We verify competency models functioning in the organization, using statistical tools (distribution analysis of periodic assessment or other applied competency assessment tools).