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Creative recruitment with RESOLUTIO – Escape Room

Finding the right Candidates for the job is becoming more and more difficult. Increasing number of companies rely on original forms of recruitment. In response to those needs, RESOLUTIO created a tool based on the idea of an escape room to help employers stand out in the market and encourage potential employees to choose their organization.

Escape Room in service of recruitment

Escape Room is a simulation task which is an interesting alternative to traditional Assessment Centre sessions. Series of tasks and riddles combined with absorbing and dynamic plot enable the observer to assess many areas of behavior in a short time, e.g. 60 minutes. The employer can quickly and efficiently verify the fitness of the Candidate for the organizational culture and measure indicators in the areas including analytical thinking, result orientation, communication and influence, cooperation, problem solving or decision making.

Successful project for ING Bank Śląski

Our solution has already been used, among others, by ING Bank Śląski, for which we have designed Escape Room as an element of trainee recruitment process. The project turned out to be a success and received the the main award in the competition Puls Biznesu: Strenght of Attraction 2017 in the category “Innovation in recruitment – candidate interaction”.

„Escape Rooms provide an opportunity to observe the candidate in action and for the candidate – to have a great time. We can observe candidate’s behavior related to ING Orange Code. Manager has a possibility of making a decision about inviting a trainee to the team based on how he/she dealt with tasks, cooperation in the group, time pressure etc. Escape Room has proven to be so effective that it is a regular part of the ‘Internship with Lion’ recruitment process.” 

Anna Kęsik, Director of the Center for Candidate and Employee Experience,  ING Bank Śląski [źródło]

A survey conducted among Candidates applying for “Internship with Lion” shows that as much as 97% of them assessed Escape Room as a good or very good form of recruitment. Participants considered such recruitment mode as unique and determining the choice of a company, at the same time emphasizing that feedback received from managers present during the task was very valuable for them*. Managers who took part in the project stressed that Escape Room allowed them to find desired competences and potential of a given Candidate much more efficiently than, for example, during recruitment interview**.

How it works?

Escape Room can be arranged in any conference room with the surface over 15 m2, equipped with a flipchart and projector. The equipment necessary to launch the task (furniture, props, decorations) is delivered to the place by the organizer.

The potential target group to which the solution is addressed includes candidates for internship programs, students, specialists, coordinators and junior managers. We offer preparation of tasks related with specific projects thematically and contextually or provide ready-made, more universal arrangements. We also offer customized task sets delivered exclusively to the Client and additional language versions of the tool.

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*ING Bank Śląski, Online survey conducted among managers – internship supervisors. Duration of the survey: 31.08 – 8.09.2017 r. 24 people participated in the survey.

**ING Bank Śląski, Online survey conducted among participants of the internship program. Duration of the survey: 19 – 26.07.2017 r. 43 people participated in the survey.