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Exploring the potential for growth: Your Potential Index

Today’s business reality forces organizations to constantly adapt to the dynamically changing environment. The key factor determining this ability are teams of quick-learners, open to change and talented people. With limited availability of human resources it is important to search and develop such defined potential not only among external candidates, but also among current employees.

In Your Potential Index (YouPI) model we understand the personal potential for development as a set of characteristic features of a given person, enabling him/her to take up more and more difficult challenges and to continuously develop his/her talents. The YouPI model is based on contemporary research defining 5 key characteristics that make up a development potential: humility, diligence, hunger for success, curiosity and hope for success. The study of these areas allows us to diagnose the general level of potential for development, identify the strengths and possible barriers to development of a given person, and prepare adequate development recommendations.

Pursued objectives

  • Recruitment of employees with potential at all levels of the organization.
  • Qualification for internship programs.
  • Talent identification among current employees, recruiting for Hi-Po development programs.
  • Support of Succession planning.
  • Identification of barriers to development in coaching.

What can we do for you?

  • We will conduct a comprehensive study of the potential for development of your employees, external or internal candidates (online).
  • We will deliver individual reports (quantitative-qualitative), indicate strengths and development shortcomings in individuals and teams, and provide recommendations.
  • We will conduct feedback and development meetings for the surveyed individuals or prepare you for their implementation.
  • We will train managers in supporting the development of high potential individuals and managing the uncovered potential of the team.
  • We will help you integrate the identification of development potential with existing HR processes (recruitment, succession, talent management, development path planning).

How can you benefit from cooperating with us?

  • You will recruit people with the highest development potential who will mostly contribute to the achievement of the strategic objectives of your organization.
  • You will identify and build the development potential of people and teams based on a reliable diagnosis and personalized development recommendations.
  • You will ensure the success of talent and succession programs by selecting the right internal candidates.
  • You will improve mentoring and coaching processes by identifying strengths and potential barriers to development of participants.

What makes us unique?

  • We have developed an innovative model of understanding potential for development (Your Potential Index), based on the latest knowledge and long-standing consulting practice, which responds to contemporary business challenges.
  • We understand the importance of self-awareness, humility and diligence in talent development, especially in relation to diversity management and new generations of employees.
  • We provide a proprietary, standardized diagnostic tool, available online in Polish (secure, proprietary IT platform, 100% GDPR compliant).
  • Drawing on 17 years of experience in candidate testing, recruitment process support and internal talent programs, we will advise you not only on how to use the new screening tools, but also how to optimize your current processes in accordance with the methodology of supporting the potential.

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