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Outplacement – group and individual

Redundancies are often associated with enormous stress for them, their supervisor and the entire team. Many companies very consciously use the outplacement tool which is a comprehensive support to people leaving their jobs and for managers and employees remaining in the organization.

The outplacement program is dedicated to companies that change their business model, modify their structure, carry out mergers or optimize costs. The support processes we provide cover both individual as well as collective redundancies. We work with both departing and remaining employees as well as their managers.

Group outplacement

Group programs, used especially in the collective redundancy process, contain standardized activities with elements of personalization, taking into account the context of the organization – industry, professional profile of participants or conditions of the local labor market.

Individual outplacement

Individual programs are dedicated primarily to management staff and key specialists. The programs are fully tailored to the needs of the individual who has been dismissed, is looking for a job or changing their career path, using the best practices of conducting the outplacement process.

Pursued objectives

 From the organization’s perspctive:

  • Providing support to organizations in executing and communicating the change process.
  • Smoothly executing reorganizations and necessary reductions.
  • Toning down and defusing negative emotions in dismissed employees.
  • Reducing the risk of lawsuits from former employees.
  • Reducing costs of dismissals (compensation, absenteeism, decrease in effectiveness).
  • Minimizing the feeling of uncertainty and stress of employees remaining in the organization.
  • Positive impact on the motivation for further effective work.
  • Conscious building of an image of a reliable and supportive employer [in organizations with trade unions].
  • Positive impact on building relationships with trade unions.

From the perspective of project’s participants:

  • Supporting former employees of the company in the process of professional activation outside the company.
  • Providing practical tools to facilitate orientation in the labor market.
  • Minimizing the emotional effects of the new situation.
  • Support in a difficult moment, coping with stress, understanding objective reasons for dismissal.
  • Summary of experiences and professional achievements as well as planning of further professional path.
  • Reinforcing the motivation for active job seeking and practising necessary skills.

What can we do for you?

  • We will help you through the process of change such as redundancy.
  • We will help you prepare the redundancy process in legal, communication and educational terms.
  • We will support the dismissed employees in finding satisfying employment.
  • We will advise managers on how to find themselves in a new situation and how to work effectively with a team.
  • We will stimulate the motivation and engagement of employees remaining in the organization.

How can you benefit from cooperating with us?

  • Confirmation of a reputation as a reliable and supportive employer.
  • Uninterrupted realization of the organization’s strategic objectives.
  • Comprehensive support for those leaving your company.
  • Emotional and substantive support for managers.
  • Recognition, commitment and effectiveness of employees.

What makes us unique?

  • Comprehensive support and activities – final outplacement program is created on the basis of examining the needs of the organization, the profile of program Participants and current labor market – we support Clients before, during and after the completion of the change processes.
  • Individual approach to the realization of individual stages of the processes – we focus on delivering maximum support to the participants of the program in accordance with their needs – in addition to the necessary fixed elements of the program, everyone receives the emotional support and tools they need.
  • Innovative workshop and effective tools – we teach a proactive attitude to the labor market, broaden awareness, provide workshops on effectiveness, and build openness to various forms of employment. We identify talents, develop competencies, and strengthen the Participants’ faith in their own abilities.
  • Consultants’ availability and flexibility – we are fully committed to all undertaken activities, we try to understand the Participants and provide them with comprehensive support which is necessary for effective action. We are always there when you need us. We do not hide behind consultation hours and passive forms of communication.