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Personality test: FACET5

FACET5 is one of the most advanced systems of measuring professional personality. Based on the Big Five Model, the system makes it easy for individuals, teams and organizations to reach their full potential. Facet5 explains how people differ in their behavior, motivation, and approach to work. But most importantly, it shows how to leverage individual differences to increase the organization’s business effectiveness. The tool combines current psychological theories with best practices in employee management.


FACET5 – available reports:

FACET5 PROFILEHolistic information about the personality preferences and behaviors of an individual.
TEAMSCAPEIndividual comparisons of individual team members. Information on the tactics most likely to be used when completing the task, the tendency to show overly calm or exaggerated reactions in the face of stress and tension, and the most likely reactions in situations of disagreement and conflict.
AUDITIONMatching to a defined job profile and job competency testing guides for recruiters.
SEARCHLIGHTThe competency structure of an individual.
LEADING EDGEInformation on how to manage an individual. The individual’s style as a leader. The individual’s work-related preferences – his/her motivators.

Areas in which you can apply Facet5:

  • Recruitment and selection processes.
  • New employee onboarding process.
  • Competency development process planning.
  • Performance management – identifying the main drivers of the people under study, their main motivators and the elements that frustrate and decrease their performance.
  • Identifying talents.
  • Developing leadership skills.
  • Building effective teams.
  • Building consensus and resolving conflicts.
  • Coaching.
  • Implementing outplacement and outplacement projects.

Key Facet5 products we use to support our Clients:

  1. Facet5 Profile

A basic tool which forms the basis for generating various types of individual reports. The results illustrate the surveyed person’s actual behavior at work, their strengths, individual preferences and motivators, the best methods to manage such a person and support their further development.

Pursued objectives

  • Learning about candidates’ personality preferences in the recruitment and selection process.
  • Integrating new employees – by selecting appropriate methods, in accordance with the employee’s and other team members’ preferences.
  • Strengthening leadership – through tips on how to work with individual employees.
  • Improving cooperation and teamwork – greater awareness of the employee’s own preferences and the preferences of others in the team or organization.
  • Identifying and developing talent.
  1. TeamScape

In a vivid yet concise way it shows the dynamics of the teams created. TeamScape also illustrates the culture and relationships within the team, its problem-solving style and approach to task completion.

Pursued objectives

  • Creating and improving the teams’ work.
  • Supporting teams in introducing changes.
  • Integrating new team members.
  • Building coalitions between different business areas.
  • Strengthening individual relations within a team and building mutual understanding.
  • Working on barriers to achieving team results.
  • Identifying team culture and strengths.
  1. Audition

A module that allows you to prepare a profile of a specific job role, develop a profile of an ideal candidate, and then compare it against actual candidate profiles. It enables quick generation of match reports and interview guides according to the candidate profile. The guidelines include behavioral and situational questions related to the recruit’s behavioral preferences and facilitate the examination of competency levels.

Pursued objectives

  • Identifying success factors for a given position and organizational role.
  • Creating profiles of desired candidates.
  • Facilitating behavioral and situational interviews based on a guide generated by the system and individually tailored to the candidate’s performance.
  • Increasing the accuracy of decisions related to employment.

What can we do for you?

  • We will select appropriate reporting modules, depending on the purpose for which you want to use Facet5.
  • In the case of recruitment – we will work out with you and your colleagues (experts) the profile expected for roles or positions in the organization.
  • We will conduct a Facet5 Profile/Audition.
  • During the selection or recruitment process, we will analyze the candidates’ reports together with you and prepare conclusions. If necessary, we will take part in calibration meetings.
  • In the context of talent identification – we will analyze employee profiles, show strengths and development areas.
  • We will support you in building employee development plans – based on the strengths and talents of employees / candidates.
  • We will diagnose teams’ strengths and risk areas – we will suggest remedial actions.
  • We will diagnose leadership styles functioning in your organization – we will support leaders in building effective leadership.
  • We will integrate the results from the Facet5 survey with 360 and/or ADC surveys and (if necessary) other tools.
  • We will conduct individual and team development meetings.

How can you benefit from cooperating with us?

  • Using the knowledge and experience of our consultants, you will efficiently and accurately create a position profile and then interpret the personality profile of candidates, their motivators and core competencies.
  • You will ensure the personalities of new employees match the culture of your organization / team.
  • You will make accurate staff decisions and reduce time spent selecting candidates.
  • You will gain the ability to combine Facet5 with other tools used in HR processes.
    You will make it easier for managers to introduce and integrate new employees into the company.
  • You will efficiently conduct personnel audits and make informed decisions about promotions, succession and career paths.
  • You will support managers in building leader’s self-awareness and leadership development.
  • You will support teams in effective collaboration and business effectiveness.
  • You will receive support in restructuring processes.

What makes us unique?

  • We provide of one of the most modern and advanced personality measurement instruments. The FACET5 questionnaire is used by organizations and consulting companies all over the world.
  • High reliability and validity of results – the tool offers both Polish and international standards (over 46 available).
  • Multilingual personality assessment tool – full independence of use, results available immediately after completing the questionnaire. Possibility to generate reports as many reports as necessary in different forms and languages.
  • Implementation of the FACET5 test as an independent service or integrated with other diagnostic and competence development processes within our specialization.