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Simulation tasks

Simulation tasks used during AC|DC sessions are assessment tools that make it possible to observe the participants’ behavior and evaluate selected competencies. The tasks may be individual (independent work) or interactive (group tasks and simulated interviews). An accurate selection of tasks, their formula, context and level of difficulty is the basis of an effective AC|DC process.

Pursued objectives

  • Implementation of AC|DC sessions using proven assessment tools.
  • Standardized and objective competence assessment process.
  • Observing the behavior of participants in assessment sessions in specific situational background.
  • Accurate assessment of selected / expected competencies.

What can we do for you?

  • We will select tasks from our Library for your project, based on the license formula of your choice.
  • We will create a complete task or a package of tasks in accordance to your instructions and specific needs of your processes (greenfield creation).
  • We will provide your company with ready-to-use tasks from our Library, together with transfer of ownership and copyright.
  • We will train your team in the use of the tools we offer.

What will you gain?

  • You will receive proven tools, ready to use in your AC|DC process (purchased or borrowed tasks from the RESOLUTIO Library).
  • You will get a package of unique tasks, adapted to the specific requirements of your processes, to be used exclusively by your company (task creation).
  • By choosing our tasks, in each variant you will receive a set of materials necessary for the full standardisation of the assessment process (matrix, instructions and assessment keys for the assessor, participant’s handbook, additional materials).
  • You will prepare your team to carry out the AC|DC process according to a proven methodology (see also: Training for Assessors).

What makes us unique?

  • Many years of experience and innovative, original tools from our library which we’ve been developing since 2004 (we have authored over 300 AC|DC tasks of various types, all of which underwent the verification procedure).
  • Ability to flexibly adapt the task formula, as well as its type, context and level of difficulty to the needs of every project.
  • We care for accuracy and reliability of the created tools. Each task developed by us undergoes a verification procedure.
  • A comprehensive approach to task preparation: the result of our work is a set of materials (instructions for the participant, assessor, actor, key and evaluation sheet), enabling full standardisation of the assessment processes.

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