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Trainings for Assessors

In-house trainings and consultancy workshops run by experienced RESOLUTIO Consultants prepare HR Departments / Trainers / Managers to act as in-house assessors or to design and implement AC|DC processes in the company on their own.


Pursued objectives

  • Developing in-house assessor competencies.
  • Improvement of tools and processes of competence assessment used in the organization.
  • Preparation of Participants to independently design and implement AC | DC processes.

What can we do for you?

  • We will prepare a workshop program tailored to the needs of your team, taking into account their previous experience and level of knowledge, as well as expectations related to the AC|DC process in your company.
  • We will prepare your employees to act as In-house Assessors in the following areas: designing the methodology of AC|DC sessions, competency assessment, creating reports, conducting feedback meetings, designing simulation tasks.
  • Together we will develop a coherent methodology for AC|DC process implementation in your company.
  • We will enable your employees to practice the acquired knowledge and skills, and adjust the competence assessment methods used so far.

How can you benefit from cooperating with us?

  • Practical knowledge on how to plan and carry out the AC|DC process in your organization.
  • Skills in conducting an AC|DC session from the perspective of different roles (assessor, assessor-actor, person responsible for logistics, coordinator of the team of assessors, project manager).
  • Ready-made examples of tools that will help you prepare and run sessions (schedules, assessment sheets, templates for creating tasks and conducting pilots of tasks).
  • Complete set of materials (training manual, video materials) that can be helpful in independent designing and planning of sessions.

What makes us unique?

  • We love to share with others what we do best – our knowledge, experience and best practices.
  • Our trainers are practitioners – consultants with many years of experience in assessor’s work, who have participated in dozens of sessions summarized in reports and feedback meetings.
  • The programme, scope and formula of the workshops are each time adapted to the specific needs of your team and the assessment processes planned in your company.
  • The participants of our workshops perform individually designed implementation tasks, the aim of which is to practice the acquired skills, but also to work out specific solutions to be applied later in your organisation.