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Our mission

We support their development so they can build the future of their organization.

At RESOLUTIO for 18 years we have been creating agile competence management solutions, increasing our Clients’ business performance.

We specialize in consulting projects in the area of testing and development of competencies, auditing and designing HR processes and tools. We support HR teams through flexible consultancy formulae, workshops for assessors and a rich portfolio of simulation tasks. 

Our credentials include over 215 organizations, over 8,945 participants of ADC sessions and 22,749 recipients of individual 360° assessment reports and on-line surveys.

Our values

RESOLUTIO was founded as a proprietary enterprise that from the very beginning had the idea of combining business effectiveness and humanistic approach to people in business. Our values have been and still are the foundations of RESOLUTIO, present in every area of our work. We believe in what we do, and we believe that we do it best.

High quality and standards of work

While searching for solutions, we use our full potential. We form a project team involving specialists in various fields: experienced consultants, psychologists, coaches, experts in research methodology, IT specialists. Consequently, we are able to offer comprehensive solutions and provide support at different stages of project execution.

Caring for people throughout assessment process

It is a person that is always at the center of our activities – which we consider our great honor and responsibility. Each year, we support the development of hundreds of people holding various positions, at different stages of their professional path. We attach particular importance to confidentiality, objectivity and information security.

Flexibility in action

We begin each project with a thorough analysis of our client’s needs and goals. This is where the pursuit of a “tailor-made” solution satisfying both parties begins. We always take into account the specificity and organizational culture of companies that cooperate with us, and we pay special  attention to unusual requirements.

Joint search for solutions

The direction of our activity is reflected and marked by the name of our company – RESOLUTIO (Latin for solution). We offer something more than just services or products. We identify the real needs of our Clients and together we look for solutions. Our objective is both our own development, as well as the development of the companies we work for. Each subsequent project brings something new to our experience and expands our know-how.