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Talent Management

Talent management encompasses the selection process of people with outstanding competence potential (the so-called ‘Talents’) from among the company’s employees or university graduates, , targeting them with a dedicated offer of motivational and developmental activities in order to retain them within the organization, creating an appropriate environment for development and optimal use of their abilities.


 Pursued objectives

  • Identifying and developing valuable, talented employees or job candidates.
  • Identifying individuals within the company with the greatest development potential.
  • Identifying strengths of candidates for development programs, agreeing on the areas they should work on.
  • Building a management team consisting of people with high competence potential.
  • Retaining the most valuable employees in the organization, planning their development and optimal use of their capabilities.

What can we do for you?

  • We will review the TM solutions functioning in your company and suggest possible directions of optimization.
  • Together with you we will define the goal and the planned effects of the development program, adjusted to the needs and capabilities of your organization. We will plan subsequent stages of the process and prepare the methodology.
  • We will develop a definition of the Talent in your organization, including performance indicators, competencies and values.
  • We will design the appointment / recruitment procedure for candidates for the development program (hard and soft criteria), prepare the necessary tools (application forms, recommendation sheets, etc.).
  • We will identify the strengths and areas for development of the candidates for the talent program using the selected method: Development Centre in standard and dynamic approach (Korn Ferry / Lominger), 360° Feedback, psychometric tests, etc.
  • We will plan Talent development program taking into account the tools and resources available in your organization, contract Individual Development Plans during 1:1 meetings or group workshops.
  • We will train managers on how to inspire the development and use Talent potential in their teams.

How can you benefit from cooperating with us?

  • Optimized HR policy owing to investing in areas that will bring the best results.
  • Identification and development of talented people who will be able to perform important functions in your organization.
  • Knowledge about the strengths and development areas of people qualified for the talent program (which you can use to build development paths).
  • Increased employees’ commitment and identification with the company through participation in a prestigious program.
  • You will prevent outflow of the most valuable employees and attract the best graduates to your organization.
  • You will shape a positive internal and external image of your company as an organization which employs the best and invests in the development of its employees.

What makes us unique?

  • We apply the OFF-LIMITS principle – we do not recruit directly, so we do not use information about candidates for other projects. We use process management and standardized operating procedures, which allow us to handle projects for a large number of Participants.
  • We cooperate only with experienced consultants and use tools for monitoring the satisfaction of Participants, thanks to which we guarantee not only the highest substantive standards of the process methodology, but also the highest quality of the development effect both for the Participant and the organization.
  • We work according to our own methodology or we use the tools and solutions functioning in the organization. We join the TM process at any stage, supporting the Client in selected phases, or we carry out the project comprehensively according to the adopted assumptions. We are constantly developing – we design innovative solutions in response to the specific conditions of the organization.
  • The element of profiling expectations and defining the role of Talent in the organization is carried out in the participatory formula, involving not only the HR, but also business representatives in the process (increasing involvement and awareness of the process in the organization). We provide comprehensive consulting services and support the development of target solutions based on the company’s expectations and strategic objectives.