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Continuous Feedback culture

Natural, daily flow of feedback is a phenomenon characteristic for dynamic, agile and fast-growing organizations. Ongoing feedback influences the effectiveness of people and teams, as well as specific HR indicators (engagement, retention, motivation).

Building a culture of continuous feedback involves working on attitudes, complemented by transfer of knowledge and skills. The result is the habit of seeking and providing feedback in daily functioning of employees, life of the organization at every level, creating a culture of dialogue.

Pursued objectives

  • Pursuing a cultural transformation – orienting the organization towards dialogue and ongoing exchange of feedback (continuous feedback culture).
  • Replacing traditional periodic appraisal systems with a system of continuous feedback.
  • Building trust and increasing openness to change.
  • Streamlining processes, eliminating errors faster and more effectively.
  • Increasing the effectiveness, agility, innovation and pace of development of people and organizations.

What can we do for you?

  • We will analyze current feedback formulas in your organization and develop a concept for implementing optimal changes.
  • We will help you engage decision makers and employees from different levels of the organization in creating new standards of current feedback.
  • We will suggest how to use marketing techniques to effectively gain the attention, curiosity and engagement of employees.
  • We will take care of the team education, provide information materials in an attractive, engaging and convenient form (mini e-books, videos, animations, case studies, etc.), train internal trainers and change ambassadors.
  • We will provide modern IT tools that encourage feedback sharing in everyday business situations (simple, easy to use, supporting the change of habits, using elements of gamification, illustrating the obtained results and rewards).

How can you benefit from cooperating with us?

  • You’ll get a detailed review of the current state of feedback practice in your organization, along with an analysis of the resources and challenges for implementing a new standard of behavior.
  • You’ll receive a comprehensive strategy for implementing ongoing feedback that is closely aligned with your organization’s strategic goals, culture and values.
  • You’ll implement effective standards for ongoing, constructive feedback that support your organization’s business goals.
  • You’ll integrate new practices with existing HR tools and processes, and gain a consistent policy for managing feedback processes.

What makes us unique?

  • We created an innovative, holistic model of implementing an continuous feedback culture (Front-End), based on the latest research and many years of consulting practice.
  • We focus on engagement – we use elements of gamification, whisper marketing and viral marketing.
  • We care about measurable effects: before proceeding to the implementation, we conduct an “as-is” diagnosis (on-line survey), to which we relate the results at subsequent stages and final of the project (evaluation).
  • Throughout the project we draw on ongoing feedback from the organization, adapting or modifying methods of work as necessary (project agility).
  • We believe in participation – we involve the project team in the project work, we appoint ambassadors of change, we are able to effectively engage people at each stage of developing and implementing the change, we have our own tools for conducting internal consultations, etc.
  • We don’t kick open doors – we ensure that new behaviors and practices are integrated with existing systems and processes in the organization.